Meeting Kollyns Sophie. My new love story.

Today I'm sharing something incredibly special. It's so beautiful and close to my heart that I debated whether or not to even post it because it's so precious to me.  But I think my kids will appreciate it as they grow older and I think others will appreciate it as well. I've compiled videos and photos from the first few hours of Kollyns Sophie's life. From the moment we found out "it" was a "she" to her first cries to the first meeting of all my babies. The way Briggs and Kerigan reacted when they met her is something I will treasure deep down in my soul forever.  These photos and video represent the most magical moments of my entire life. 

Let me preface it by telling you that Briggs had a "birth plan" too. You somewhat know mine by now so let me give you some insight to his...

Around the last month of pregnancy I told him that once the baby was born, Daddy was going to come out to the waiting room and announce, "IT'S A ________!"
And Briggs was not happy about this. He told me, "no, that's not how we're going to do it." This was his plan:
  • Once the baby is born, Daddy will come out to get me and Kerigan in the waiting room...but don't tell us anything!
  • Then I'm going to look at Baby Bunny and decide what it is. 
  • Then I'll tell Kerigan.
  • After that, if it's a boy, I'll put on a blue bow tie and Kerigan will put on a blue bow. If it's a girl, I'll put on a pink bow tie and Kerigan's bow will be pink.
  • Then we'll go out and tell Papa and Pops, "IT'S A _______!"

And I told Briggs, "You know what, buddy, thats a GREAT idea." And so that was our birth plan. It warmed my heart that he was taking so much ownership in it. He told everyone he knew about his plan...and then melted their hearts too. 

So without any further delay, I give you the best morning of our lives:

I'm overwhelmed to tears every time I think about those first days at the hospital. We are so so grateful for these three little beautiful beings. What a gracious, incredible, wonderful Father we serve! I'm ultimately so thankful to share these precious moments with everyone because it's my ultimate Robinson love story. God bless you all!

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