Kollyns Sophie, the Four-Month-Old

Our littlest honey is four months! This month she had lots of fun celebrating her daddy's and big bro's birthdays,  visited RaRa (my grandma) a couple times and attended her first MS Awareness game put on by Aurora U (Uncle Lancey's school). Mama has also gone back to work full time this month and Kollyns has taken it like a champ. The best part of my day is when I come to pick her up and she instantly lights up with her big smile. This girl is too much!

My littlest and my assistant. The bond these two have makes me melt. 

Kolly this month:
  • has found her toes! she's quite the toe toucher as you can see below
  • she's giggling! and it makes us alllll so happy
  • is grabbing at toys and entertaining herself longer on the play mat
  • is still a pretty good sleeper at night (let's keep this up, girlfriend)
  • she's really recognizing her family's faces now. its the sweetest.
  • half the time she smiles she sticks her tongue out too...it's her signature.
  • she's big enough to sit in the high chair with us at dinner-she loves feeling like a big kid
  • if she's awake, she wants to be up and observing...she's a smart little cookie

Kolly's four month stats:
  • 25 inches (75%)
  • 15 1.5oz (75%)
  • head circumference: 41.4 cm (75%)
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Here are a few more fun photos of our joyful little lady:

Happy Four Months, Kollyns Sophie! 
We love the sweet little toe-touchin', giggle box you are!

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