Our January 2017

Happy New Year! We had a great (and busy) start. One of my resolutions this year is to be better about keeping up on the blog. Not everything has to be perfectly edited or taken on my big camera. I have several posts I'm still working on from last year so I can have the memories recorded. But it's taking up so much time, and now with three babies I don't have that thing (time). But I love where we are and I love this crazy life. I'm just learning how to simplify. So I'm trying something a little different and a little simpler this month :)

This month, we celebrated the Robinson boys birthdays by suprising Briggy with Disney on Ice. He was so excited Kolly got to come too. She's SO into it 

These two have become quite the little buddies lately...

Sweet girl is big enough for the Bumbo now. It's a like a whole new world for her.

They spontaneously started holding hands. <3 <3 <3

A little sneak of Briggy's birthday cake! He turned the big five! My baby! Bawling.

The love these guys have for their baby sister though.

Nobody makes her smile like her big bro


I present to you, my middle child in all her glory.

The loves of my life

Visiting my sweet abuelita 

Lita and Kolly doll

Baby and the girls

Baby and the boys
(She's well liked)

Kerigan thinks she's ready to kick naps.
In the meantime, I always want to remember these sweet every day moments. 

Hello, doll!

This month we celebrated Lola (the pup), Ryan's, and Briggs's birthdays. We spent a lot of time playing Wii or Kinect, board games, dress up, hot wheels, snap chatting and more. We NEED some sunshine. For realzzz. But we're happy now that we have a warm house (see video below) and we get to look forward to an Arizona trip soon. The kiddos keep us on our toes but we love it all. We're never bored ;-)

Here's our January video to sum up the month:

Here's to a lovely February! (and perhaps a little sunshine)

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