Three Quarters

At 30 weeks (on November 16-I'm a little behind in my posts) we are three quarters of the way to meeting our little boy. We have been busy preparing the nursery, updating the house and assembling baby swings, bouncers, strollers, etc. Can you say, "nesting"?

The week I made it to 30, Missy hosted our second shower for us which I will post next. It was a wonderful shower with friends from college, school and growing up.

As far as updates on the baby, we are going to see the OBGYN every two weeks now until we hit 36 weeks. The baby is usually measuring right on schedule...sometimes a few days bigger. I love my bimonthly visits because I love being able to hear his heart rate and get the reassurance that he is growing on schedule.

Ryan and I have also begun a 7-week Lamaze Class at the hospital we are delivering at (IU North). It is so helpful preparing us both for what labor, birth and having a newborn is all about. Honestly, I was pretty open-minded to going "natural" without any meds during labor, however, after watching the first video the first night of class, I swayed directions. Ryan said I was cringing watching the women go through labor. It's not that I don't think I can handle it, but I would like the labor process to be something that is somewhat enjoyable and an experience I can remember. Ryan too feels like he is getting a lot out of the class. It makes me so proud when he asks questions before any of the other dads do. He said if it weren't for this class, he would feel like a deer in headlights when we actually go to deliver this baby. The class has made Monday nights something to look forward to. It is our half-way point between Avon (where I work) and Muncie (where Ryan works-hopefully he gets to come back to Indy soon) and its a time where just get to be together without any distractions- a time to enjoy each other and prepare for our little one.

Here are some belly shots of 30 weeks. At this point, I'm almost 32!

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