Indomitable Glee

33 weeks and 6 days Check-In:

I am sitting here at the office trying to be as proactive as possible before I take time off to have this little guy. Business is starting to pick up and a baby is on the way. In my current state, any woman who is trying to carry on with her pre-pregnancy daily grind is in all honesty, a superwoman. My mind and my drive are the same but my body puts up an epic battle every time I try to go back to my old Tasmanian Devil-like tornado ways. 

My Current Symptoms:
  • Fatigue...all the time. However, I have a hard time sleeping. This makes so much sense.
  • Brain Cloud- I've never been the sharpest tool in the shed but seriously, thanks to those wonderful pregnancy hormones, my brain is in a constant fog. I think I will shock the office when I come back to work without being pregnant. They will realize how much of a non-airhead I truly am.
  • Hip Pain-It get's worst by the day too. Sometimes at night I think I truly cannot take another step because my joints are so loose and painful that my hips are going to break like I'm a 95-year-old woman.
  • Leg Cramps-At least once a week, I wake up crying from the most painful Charlie Horse...poor Ryan probably thinks I'm having labor pains.
  • Indomitable Glee- You could wrap all of these negative side-effects into one and multiply it and I would still have a wonderful day. It's something more than just being happy. It's pure joy. Even if I am not talking about the baby, he is on my mind. My heart is in a constant state of a beaming smile. I see the world so much more optimistically. Every time the baby kicks me in the rib, it may be uncomfortable (he is VERY strong at this point), but I just look at it as God telling me he loves me. Ha. So cheesy, I know but isn't that what motherhood is all about? I feel as though I am truly a soldier of the Lord carrying on part of His higher purpose. It is the most magical feeling in the world. Carrying your child is truly a gift from the Lord. 
To wrap it up, I was watching the Preacher's Wife the other night. This is one of my all-time favorite movies with one of my all-time favorite women, my Whitney. (Whitney Houston- who I named my childhood puppy after.) I am a hormonal mess as it is, but it got me thinking of this song which took me over the edge. If I could put a message in a bottle for my little one to read right now it would say this: 

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