For Lily...

Dear Briggs,

I am so thankful that God has brought you to this family so that you can experience love meant for one of His children. We learn to cherish the small things every day, because we are not sure when God will call us up to join Him up above. Heaven gained a new little angel today. Your distant cousin Lily, still just a baby herself lost a battle to leukemia. But really she has won because she is now with Jesus. It is us still on earth who have lost. My heart goes out to her mom Jessica, and our cousins Beth and the rest of their family.

Grief is something as human beings we cannot fathom nor comprehend. Losing a loved one is the single most difficult thing you will experience on this earth. We need to remind ourselves to treasure the small gifts God gives us every day. That is why we are not going to worry about when you wake me up at 3am or when you are so overtired that you're crying and won't sleep or when you spit up all over me just before I go to work. I love you (even on the tough days) with everything I am. And today we will pray especially for Lily's family because tonight she is having her first slumber party with the angels.

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