Nursery Time

Yesterday marked another milestone for our Briggs. It was not only his first visit to the church nursery but also the first time someone watched him besides my mom. I can't believe I was brave enough.

Ryan was away at Army for the weekend, so it was my dad, Kara, Phipps, Briggs and I. Mom was at home preparing for Kara's bridal shower later that afternoon. During worship (when he usually falls asleep) he was so happy. He was laughing and cooing away. This was fine while the sanctuary was loud with music and singing but I was stressed out about how he would react during the sermon. So Kara and I left to go take him to the "sleepers" nursery. Well I wasn't registered in the system yet, so one of the workers took us to the other side of the church to show us how to do it. On the way she asked if we were new to Kingsway. I replied with "no I've been here for over 22 years...I'm just new to bringing a baby!" The church doesn't pass out an instructions manual for expecting moms I guess.

When I finally got back to the nursery, I had to play 20 questions. When is his next nap? breast or bottle? Next feeding? How long should he cry before we call you? Pacifier or blanket?...just to name a few. Is it really that complicated? He's only 3 months old! His next feeding is when he's hungry. His next nap...when he's tired!? Do other moms already have their 3 month olds on a strict schedule? Am I really that laid back as a mom where none of these things really matter? Do I just suck? While Kara was consoling me that I really don't suck, we got it straightened out and that is when I had to give my baby to the nursery volunteers. My heart was aching as he looked at me with the those big blue eyes as we walked away. I told Kara as we walked back to the sanctuary, "I hope the other kids like him!" I can't even imagine what its going to be like on his first day of kindergarten.

His first nursery tag. 
During the entire sermon, my eyes were stuck to the screen where the numbers pop up for mom's to come pick up their crying babies. Briggs's number never showed up. Kara looked at me after communion and worded "winning." As soon as the congregation was dismissed, I booked it to the nursery to pick my baby up.

When I got there the women all looked so concerned and told me with the most serious tone "we think he might have some gas." Ummm...he's a baby....again. I told them he was probably just filling his diaper as I began to put him in his carseat. They insisted that I check his diaper before I leave. I told them it was no big deal, I live just down the road. They said, "no, we really insist you don't put him in his carseat before changing him." I thought it is really no big deal, but again, apparently I suck. So I changed the poor kid who just wanted his mommy. His diaper was barely dirty but whatever. Then I realized how dramatic I was being because Briggs was such a good boy during his first nursery trip. Maybe this is what I should really be focusing on. And really, I am appreciative to the nursery's just not easy for a mom.  I'm sure these type of things will never get easier either. How could it with this little face?


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I would be completely dumbfounded if someone asked me when Nora's next nap or feeding would be. I have no idea... sometime in the next 2 hours, probably?! haha

    Briggs is adorable. We need to get together soon. (PS: We also have that silly monkey outfit, just the girl version. She will probably fit in it soon!)

  2. Thanks Betsy :) Yes lets get together soon...and we can have Nora and Briggs wear their matching silly monkey outfits! (They are going to hate us for all this when they get older-ha)

  3. oh my gosh, Kindergarten will be terrifying (well it will be to me someday...when I have kids :P!) Also, who knew that nursery care had "transactions". I'm fascinated. How techy and cool is that!?