Say Cheese!

This last month has been quite an adventure for Mr. Briggs. He hit the big 2 month mark at a whopping 14 lbs and 24 inches! He was in the 85th percentile for height and 90th for weight. We sure know how to grow 'em around here!

His crying has definitely subsided. He is really a very pleasant baby. He has his fussy moments but its always is for a reason. One of the greatest things is his smile. He is such a cheeser! He has the biggest happy smile during all hours of the day. He smiles when he wakes up, he smiles when he plays, he smiles when any of his grandparents talk to him and he even smiles when I play or sing FloRida's song "Wild Ones"...this is his favorite song currently because as soon as it stops he fusses and when he hears it again he is fine. Ryan hates the fact that I love America's Next Top Model, but I love it and if you are familiar with the show, you know that Tyra always talks about "smize" or smiling with your eyes. Briggsy has definitely got the whole "smize" thing down pat so I think Tyra would be proud.

Another HUGE event that happened this last week is that he is consistently rolling over from his belly to his back. We all cheer him on and go crazy for him when he accomplishes his goal. He loves the attention and applause. We go way overboard I'm sure- but isn't that what parents and grandparents are supposed to do?

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