Florida Blessings

Our whole family just got back today from our other home in Siesta Key. (Whole family including mom, dad, Kara, Ryan M, Phippsy, my Ryan and Briggs and I.) I am telling you, October is hands down the best time to go to Florida- especially with a baby. Unlike our May trip with a 4 month old, we found Florida's October weather to be much more tolerable and much less crowded. Plus having a 9 month old was fun because he was so much more aware. (Um yes he turned 9 months while we were there- I don't know if I have come to terms with that yet.)

I think just on the first day I was able to spend more time outside on the beach than I did collectively the whole time we were there in May. It helped a lot that Briggs was able to take his naps on the beach (thanks for that baby). This Florida trip created so many good memories with my wonderful family:

(I know some of these are minor, but when you have a little one, you tend to enjoy the little things that you didn't realize before.)
  • Beach Days with Briggs
  • Sitting by the dock and watching the boats go by
  • Bocce and other various sports
  • Reading by the pool
  • Enjoying dinners with a baby who was distracted by his sweet potato puffs
  • Family cookout on the beach
  • Boat day on the inter coastal
  • A Buccaneers game and meeting up with Tay
  • Sunset at the marina
  • Daily morning walks on the beach with my two boys
I'm happy to be home but I'm always so appreciative to have little breaks from the daily grind. It's nice to stop and just enjoy the blessings-

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