After All

Sadie's wedding this passed weekend was one of the most beautiful I had EVER witnessed. It was SO Sadie. It was so nice seeing my friends in Chicago and getting to spend the weekend with our whole family.

Funny story about the weekend- Ryan and I were so paranoid leading up to the trip because of the sleeping situation. My mom, dad, sister and her husband Ryan all shared a room with Ryan, Briggs and I. Since Briggs has not been sleeping through the night, we were worried about what kind of disturbance he would be and whether or not we would have to spend our night in the lobby with a wakeful baby.

It turns out, we didn't need to worry. Briggs did have his moments, but his Uncle Ryan snored so loud that he won the loud boy prize. So thanks for taking the pressure off, Uncle Ryan!

sweet, sweet chicago

the most handsome guy on the block

our family
On the actual wedding day Sadie, Austin and the rest of the bridal party traveled via trolley and went to at least 7 locations around Chicago for pictures. I honestly got a tour of Chicago and saw places that I had never seen before. They will have the most stunning pictures I'm sure. Hopefully she will let me post a few once she gets them back.

I think my favorite moment of the day is when Sadie walked down the aisle. She traveled down to the alter during the bridge to the most beautiful David Crowder Band song "After All (Holy)" I had never heard it but now... I. CAN'T.STOP.LISTENING.


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