Adventures with Briggs 6,7&8 Months

Thanks to mostly iPhone videos, I was able to compile what Briggs has been up to these last few months. As you can see this kid is never happy :)

These past few months:
  • He celebrated his half birthday with friends and family
  • He goes to the park (a lot)
  • He went on some overnight trips with mom and dad to the JW downtown for mom's birthday and to Chicago for Sadie's wedding
  • He still loves music and loves to dance
  • He loves discovering new things to play with
  • He is quickly trying all sorts of new foods. His favorites are bananas and sweet potato puffs.
  • By 7 months he was finally able to sit up on his own without toppling over
  • He can't crawl yet (but he can lean with it and rock with it)
  • He is finally getting a tooth!
This guy is too fun. Enjoy!