"Lucky" Laughs

Thoughts going through Briggs's head these days:
  • Wait mom, you said I didn't like to crawl? Hahahaha
  • Mom, why would you not stuff my face with puffs right now?
  • C'mon mom and dad! Its 5am- Rise and Shine!
  • Lola, your toys are so much cooler than mine!
  • Hey everybody in this quiet room, want to hear how many cool noises I can make?
Sleeping has still been an issue- I have just learned to accept that if we only get up twice in a night and go back to bed quickly, its a good night. I'll be taking a much different approach with the next child though.

Briggs is a crawling maniac. He was always a crazy child- but add being mobile on top of that- its hilarious. One of his favorites is to crawl towards the entertainment center and stand up toward the tv. It reminds us of the little pup on 101 dalmatians- so Briggs's new nickname has been "Lucky" in reference to that. 

His noises are so funny lately. He likes to move his tongue to make a funny a noise. He is starting to giggle at everything....just like his father. We were at an Army Christmas party not too long ago. Briggs was in line to meet Santa and a little boy (around 8 years old) behind him was throwing a fit on the floor. At first, Briggs just stared at him, like "What are you doing, dude?" then Briggsy looked at Ryan and started cracking up while pounding on Ryan's chest to look at the bratty child. Then he topped it off with pointing and laughing! 

I have a lot to catch up on with our Memphis trip and Christmas happenings around the house...but for now, here are some pics of the sweet 10 month old (he doesn't point and laugh at everyone, he usually just smiles and waves and then gives his mommy baby kissies.)

Pretending to act innocent.

Why does the giraffe look like its in motion? Because it is- he was throwing it at my face.

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