And One (Month) to Grow On!

Do you remember the ole childhood favorite, "birthday smacks?" In elementary school, your whole class would sing you the birthday song followed up by smacks or spankings of how many years old you just turned + "one to grow one." Looking back, its kind of a disturbing concept.

But none the less, with my boy turning 11 months old- it just makes me think how close we are to the big ONE. I won't say that time flies, because some days (and nights) have been very long. Plus, we have jam-packed so many great memories in just short of a year.

While I have learned never to wish time away, I do believe that ONE will come with many more adventures, starting off with a big birthday bash. It's so much fun planning a baby's birthday party! While some may think I will be going over the top, I look at it as my creative outlet. I only wish I had more time to execute all the crazy, outlandish, embarrassing things I have reeling in my head...but we only have only one more month to grow on!

Always be my baby.

Mom, I'm getting way too old for this stuff!

A smooth criminal

My model man

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