Play Time with Briggs

Ryan was down at Camp Atterbury for Drill this passed weekend so Briggsy and I had some time together to run errands, clean up and my favorite- play!

Here are some pictures and updates on how play time goes down for us these days...

Such a happy and sometimes mischievous little boy! See his Mickey Mouse? He LOVES Mickey. (A boy after my own heart- how was I so lucky to get a baby who loves Disney as much as I do? Perhaps I had some influence.) We have 22 episodes (no joke) of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on our DVR- not that I am trying to encourage him to watch TV- but sometimes a mom has to do what she has to do to get some things done around the house. He get the biggest smile on his face when the opening song begins. 

During the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, he really didn't make a big deal out of any of the floats, until Mickey came along. As soon as he saw him, he started smiling and waving at Mickey. Ha!

Despite his crawling in all directions (FINALLY), his favorite place to crawl is up your leg or on your lap, just so he can give you this irresistible puppy dog look.

You can see some of his toofers coming in! He has two on bottom and one on top now! I can see the second big one on top is about to come in too. His new teefies are so cute but I am going to miss those gummy smiles!

He is a straight poser- he stood in this position for a good 10 seconds. I think he is used to all the paparazzi now between my mom and I. Poor kid!

Silly faces are one of our favorite games. He will mimic whatever face someone is making at him. We could sit there for hours making faces at each other- I even get some baby giggles out of some of my faces.

Briggle Giggles are my favorite.

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