A Housewarming Baby Sprinkle

It's amazing how quickly you become "out of the loop" in newborn world. When I went with my sister to help her register for her baby showers, the Buy Buy Baby rep asked if I was registered yet. I guess she assumed I was pregnant. Lucky guess. This time. I told her I was pregnant with my second so I wouldn't be having a shower. I have all the necessities. Then she told me how a lot of second time moms have "sprinkles". A miniature shower with a small group of family and friends- love it!

With a one-month-old in tow, my sister and mom organized a lovely housewarming/baby sprinkle for us. It was perfect. We are now restocked on diapers, neutral apparel, a new swing and even a few presents for the big brother.

Thank you all who attended and sprinkled Baby 2 with love. A special thank you to my sister, mom and dad who planned and provided the food as well. It was such a wonderful day to stop and celebrate this little one!

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