Kinsie's Newborn Photos

My sister asked me to take Kinsie's newborn photos before Little Miss was even born. I love photography and am learning more and more every day. I was happy to take Kara's maternity pictures because there was less pressure, I guess. However, I have never done a newborn session and I know how stressful Briggs's session was (at least from a mother's view).

Newborns do not sleep through photography shoots. Period. They do not let you put them in positions that you see on Pinterest, they are hungry as soon as you want to begin and they always pee as soon as you take the diaper off. I remember by the end of Briggs's session I was literally sweating because I didn't want to take up any more of our sweet photographer's time. 

From the photographer's standpoint, I honestly didn't mind if I had to be there all day. I just didn't want Kara to stress out if I wasn't able to get any great shots. But with a lot of cooperation and patience, we were able to capture some beautiful moments of my precious niece. I know Kara was happy which was the ultimate goal.

Here are a few of my favorites:

She has quickly promoted herself to one of the loves of my life. I love you always, baby girl! I'm so glad I can be a part of so many of your precious moments!

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