11 Month Mama's Girl

One more month until our bubbly baby girl is a YEAR OLD! 

Ryan I recently traveled to Sonoma to celebrate our five year anniversary...so I was away from the kids for about 8 days. (torture for my heart and torture for a nursing mom. sidenote-taking a break from my pump for A.VERY.LONG.TIME) While in Sonoma, we could talk and Facetime with Briggs. He got it. Baby did not. So since we have been back, she has been attached to me. Literally. My mom now refers to as velcro. :)

While the attachment makes it difficult to get anything done, I kind of love it. I'm hoping this phase sticks around for a while. 

Milestones and accomplishments this month:
-No more army crawling! The condo in Florida only has tile floors-so the army crawling was too cold for her. So she finally decided to start the big girl crawling.
-She still has just her two bottom teeth
-She can say "hi" and "bye"
-She loves waving and clapping (loves bopping and clapping to music)
-She can now say "no" and also shakes her head no a lot. (Even when she means yes :) silly girl)

Her birthday invites are going out soon. The them is Glitter and Gold for a our One-Year-Old. She's excited to celebrate soon. And me? Let's pause time for a bit...K?

I love the way her invites turn out! Typically I create them, but couldn't get the gold look I was envisioning. So I contacted DigiBuddhaPaperie on etsy and they helped me create it. They were great to work with and sent a high-res digital copy within 24 hours or so. 

Her first year collage is almost complete! I can't believe how quickly this year has flew by

I'm going to have to do some digging, but I have several baby pictures where I'm making this exact facial expression. Maybe I'll finally have a kid that looks like ;-)

Happy 11 Months, Baby Love! 

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