A Rhino, a frog and a fireman

So where is this rhino we speak of? We had a last minute wardrobe change. Halloween night was a our third of three dress up nights. The first two nights, Briggs wore his rhino costume with pride. He even won runner-up at a costume contest...thanks Phippy ;-)

Halloween night was a miserable, wet, cold dreary night. I wouldn't even let the princess frog out of the house. After visiting about 2 neighbors, Briggs and daddy called it quits. We were supposed to visit my parents afterward and Briggs fell asleep for the night before the party even started. Halloweens 2012 & 2013 proved to be more eventful for our little bug. Maybe he's calming down with age?

Along with Halloween, we made some great memories at the pumpkin patch...we dive head first into fall festivities around these parts.

This girl and her daddy <3 <3

Classic mean mugs

Sis, maybe some day you won't get your brother's hand-me-down costume with an added bow...some day

Love these babies!

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