October Siesta

We're back from our home away from home. The kids and I took went down to Siesta for a late October get away. The last time we were here was in May. Kerigan was only six months old then and it was so stinkin' hot that she wasn't up for play time at the beach.

This time around, she loved the sand and especially the pool. She was terrified of the ocean, though. At 2.5, Briggs decided he was going to swim in the ocean by himself! 

We really missed Daddy this week, but had a great time soaking up the Vitamin D. October is my all time favorite month to be in Siesta. The weather is perfect and its never really crowded.  My soul really needed this week without work interruptions though. I didn't carry my phone around. I didn't even bring my computer. My soul focus was Briggs and Kerigan. I think this was especially great for Briggs. Before florida, we had been going through a "time-out" streak. I think its just his cry out for mom's attention. Because now that we're home, its like a switch went off. He's back to his sweet self. 

So here is (some of) our week in photos. I wish I would have taken more photos...but it was tough wrangling the two without dad. Until next time, Siesta! xoxo

These babies love the beach!

Searching for alligators on an air boat

The ole Philippi tortuga (Briggs doesn't use their english name ever)

Big girl turned 11 months while down here! And she decided to finally crawl with four points...no more army crawling :)

Story time with Yaya

Squishies for Sissy

Headed home to daddy!

See you again soon, Siesta!

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