Briggs is four.

Today that baby, that precious four. That's practically kindergarten. No more toddler. Not even a tiny bit. No baby chunk. Are you crying yet? Because I'm sobbing. 

He has been SO excited for his birthday. About six times a day, he asks me to name everyone's birthday in order. "First it will be Pops' birthday, then Nana, then Yaya, then Jesus, then Lola, then Daddy then.....Briggy!" Which is then followed by the signature giant Briggy grin. 

Briggs thinks like an engineer. He loves organization, math, science and figuring out how things work. But he also has a compassionate side too. He LOVES animals. He has a "Spend, Save, and Give" jar for when he earns coins by helping around the house. When I asked him who he wanted to donate his "Give" coins to, he told me without hesitation that he wanted to give it to the animals so he can save them. All of them. That's our boy. 

nine months.

one year.

two years.

three years.


Our boy, Briggs...

  • loves Bingo. I mean, is obsessed. He will play five boards at once. Thankfully, we have a DVD that will name off the spaces so I don't have to ;-)
  • is crazy about his girls. Kinsie and Kerigan will always have a protector. He's gentle and kind. And patient (most of the time) 
  • he is starting to say meaningful and impromptu prayers. Nothing is sweeter than hearing your baby pray. Nothing. 
  • still loves rhinos and always will. Still loves yellow (and always will)
  • asks a ton of questions about heaven. He is always so curious and craves to learn more about Jesus
  • is such a family man. He loves rattling off facts about his extended family. He knows everyone's favorite colors, where they work, about how old they are, what they love...etc
  • finally likes his dog, Lola. I mean he's always tolerated her. But I catch him giving her kisses out of the corner of my eye.
  • loves to have boy time with daddy. 
  • he loves to sing. He can already carry a tune better than Ryan ;-)
  • is a healthy eater and loves to learn what foods will make him strong.
  • is an avid teeth-brusher & flosser. I once told him that if we don't brush our teeth every day...they turn brown. And that's all it took. 
  • is a sensitive soul.
  • he loves to know the plan for the day when he wakes up, then he narrates his day throughout. 
  • he's always up for an adventure. 
  • he loves Mickey still. He calls him on Kerigan's "phone" quite frequently
  • popcorn. Papa has created a monster out of this kid. #popcornislife
  • he's still shy around new people and even at school but he told me he "wants to work on it" Bless his heart. 
For his birthday tonight, he requested chicken and pizza. So we're taking him to Napolese downtown and then surprising him with a Disney on Ice show!! Eeee! I can't wait to see his face, that handsome, sweet, four-year-old face.

Briggs, you light up our world. Happy Birthday!

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