Our January 2016

Winter finally decided to arrive in January. Boo. But we made the most of it! Sledding, snowmen, warm cocoa, blanket forts and cozy fires describe our month.  We celebrated a lot birthdays and did a lot of dancing (er...Kerigan did a lot of dancing.) We topped off the month with a trip to Aurora to visit Uncle Lancey for the MS Awareness basketball game. He took Briggs to the locker room and all the players signed a jersey for him. He loves to hang out with his uncle!

Briggs stayed up until midnight on NYE for the first time!

Kerigan helping mommy shop. 

We love birthdays (because it comes with cake)

We surprised Briggy with a Disney on Ice show for his real birthday. The girls are cray.

This is what the kids have been up to this month: 

  • Kerigan is a dancing a singing fool. Thats all she wants to do. 
  • She's crazy about the Five Little Monkeys and Family Finger Song
  • Briggs is still obsessed with Bingo.
  • He is such a gentleman. He tells Kerigan and I how beautiful we look out of the blue 
  • They are in a great groove right now. They truly love and care about each other. They play so well together and understand each other. Not a lot of bickering as of now (Praise the Lord)
  • We are getting creative with indoor games. In the basement we have played putt-putt, gone camping, hosted tea parties, built sky scrapers, created Small World, had picnics and more....cold weather calls for imaginations.
  • They both love preschool and adore their friends. They were so happy to go back after Christmas break. We are so blessed to be a part of the school and have such wonderful teachers. 
  • We finished off the month with a trip to Aurora, IL. Pops, Papa and Yaya all came too. And of course, we went to Pizza Hut with the whole Aurora Basketball crew after game. We love Lance's Aurora family. 

Here is our video that sums up our January:

Hope y'all had a great January! We are ready for the month of love <3

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