Valentines 2016

Happy Valentine's! We were able to celebrate a lot of love despite Briggs testing positive for strep on Friday (boo) and keeping him separated from his sister until his antibiotics kicked in.

We kicked off Valentine's at school for their class parties.  These two already showing the love.

Briggs has been working so hard on writing his name. He did it all by himself on 20 valentines :)

He made extra valentines for family and friends. And again, insisted on writing his own name.

Saturday night, the kids had a sleepover with Yaya and Papa, so Ryan and I enjoyed a night out with our sweet friends.

Sunday morning, I had my valentines waiting for my three loves.

The kids enjoying opening their treats after church!

Kerigan was not at all phased by daddy's nap. 

Getting excited once the snow started falling! We have about 3 inches today. Briggs keeps requesting to build a snow mouse :)

Working on some Valentines crafting.

Finished product <3

Then Kerigan and I decided to send some selfie valentines to unsuspecting family.

That wraps up our Valentines weekend! Today the kids are off school, thank goodness. They are still recovering from the sickies. So we are going to have some extra snuggles today. 

Have a great week! 

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