Hello February!

Happy February! My goal posts have been MIA lately. You know, Christmas, then birthdays then...life. But its my goal to start them back up again this month :) I'm so happy February is here. It's the last cold month and a time where we can do all the heart crafts we want without judgment. 

So let's start fresh on the goal list:

1. Make Valentines with the kids: And when I say, kids I mean more Briggs. Kerigan doesn't have a lot of patience with me+crafts yet. She usually ends up painting her arms and face with anything we try. But Briggs loves crafts! So we will come up with something fun and easy he can do.

2. Get back to a morning routine: I've had a serious case of the winter blues. I can't seem to get out of bed in the morning. I hate cold. I have a serious aversion to it. Even inside my house- I can't stand it. But its effecting my life. I haven't been getting up early enough to do my Bible study...which leaves me grumpy and spiritually hungry all day. So I end up rushing on it which is not the purpose. Get over my fear of cold. Get up early. Drink my coffee. Do my Bible study. Get to work. Morning routines=the best version of me.

3. Finish coffee bar: Speaking of coffee, we have a desk in our kitchen that we've used as a coffee bar for over a year. It's my little space of happy. I have some pinteresty plans for it. Stay tuned.

4. Give another couple a date night: I'm the guiltiest of the guilties<--not a real word?  But we don't date our spouses enough. So I want to help another couple by watching their little(s) so they can have a date night. I'm thinking...slumber party. Briggs will provide the popcorn. 

5. Family service project: Our church showed a promo video about mission trips. One of the women interviewed in the video had two little girls. She mentioned that she went to Jamaica despite having two small toddlers at home because she wants her girls to witness her serving others besides just them. That struck me, y'all. I do serve a lot. I give all my sweat and tears. But 99.999999% of my service is for my kids. I never realized it. We should serve our families but I'm realizing how much more important it is for our kids to witness us serving others too. So this month, we plan on doing a family service project together.

Yay for February! Happy Love Month! 

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