Our February 2016

February brought us more cold weather but lots of love this Valentines month! Both kids enjoyed Valentines Day parties at school. And they both worked extra hard on their gifts for mommy and daddy. We enjoy our little routine. Mondays and Wednesdays are school days. Tuesdays we go to Bible Class and Thursdays are days spent with their babysitter/best friends. We've had a few sneaks of warm(ish) weather, so on those days we definitely take advantage. 

My sweet engineer. He's always building forts, zoos, buildings, organizing his vehicles or mastering a new puzzle. (He does not get any of these skills from me.)

Ryan and I enjoying a rare night out to support dear friends and a great cause. 

So after a month of Valentines, dancing, singing, building, exploring, snuggling and more...here are a few highlights in this month's video:

Let's hope March brings just as much fun!

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