Two Months with Kolly

Happy two, precious girl!!

You've had a busy second month. You celebrated your first thanksgiving, went to your big sister's third birthday party, met your Uncle Lance and cheered him on to his first victory as a head coach, met your Great-Grandma Vargas, attended your first office party and so much more!

You continue to be our easiest baby. Or maybe we just know what we're doing a little bit more by the third (for now). You haven't gone a single day without at least 100 kisses. Mommy is figuring out life with three still...but you're just enjoying the ride. And about a week ago, you started smiling- for real. And we all melted. 

You're not quite used to all the pictures documenting every move you make...but don't worry, baby girl. You will ;-)

Kolly's One Month Stats:
  • 23.5 inches (90%)
  • 12 lb 3.5 oz (80%)
  • head circumference: 39cm (75%)

October, November & December 

Kolly this month:
  • is smilinggggg!!!!!!!!!
  • mimicks our facial expressions
  • follows/tracks things with her eyes like toys and Briggs and Kerigan
  • is sleeping so well at night. I wake up once or twice to feed and she goes back to sleep
  • loves snuggling with mama in the Ergo 
  • is a good traveler (we traveled to Aurora, IL and back the next day...and she was a champ)
  • is learning the art of spitting up (thanks Kerigan and Braxton for teaching her this gift)
  • loves looking at the Christmas tree
  • loves when we sing to her
  • does not like when her puppy gives her kisses (Kerigan "protects" her from Lola now)
  • took her FIRST bottle the other day. Briggs gave it to her! It was the most precious thing. 

 Kolly Dolly, we love you! You're fitting in just fine. :-)

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