Three Months with Doll Baby

Our dolly was busy during her third month! She helped us decorate our house for Christmas (loved adding her name to the stocking line-up this year), attended two pre-school Christmas programs, went on her first Florida vacation, met Mickey Mouse, went swimming and even played (and napped) on the beach. She enjoyed her first Christmas and celebrating Jesus's birth. She partied hard during her first New Years Eve...and finally, put her party hat on for her pup's eighth birthday party.

Hey Dolls!

Kolly this month:
  • Has been a champion traveler.
  • Actually, she's quite the all-around champ.
  • Has had some congestion/cold but it hasn't changed her happy temperament
  • Loves to have "conversations" with us. She babbles on and on all day. (She's living up to her namesake)
  • Adores when her brother and sister make faces at her or spend time with her. I can actually count on Briggs a lot to entertain her when I'm taking care of other things.
  • Is still her mama's snuggler.
  • She's only waking me up once at night...which is a dream. The big kids wake me up more than her. 
  • We just adore our Kolly girl! We can't get enough of our sweet little baby.

She's in love with her crazy daddy.

Big bro trying to get her to laugh. He's just the best. Seriously, the BEST human I've ever known.

She's one lucky lady to have him. She is so adored. 

October, November, December & January

We love you sweet pea! You're everyone's favorite doll baby. <3

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