Briggs's Small World Party

We just celebrated our big boy's fifth birthday! It makes my heart ache to think about how quickly he is growing up...but man, it's pretty awesome to witness what a great kid he's becoming. For this year's party he wanted a "Small World" celebration because he LOVES the ride at Disney. We had international food and treats (I forgot to take pics) and lots of little giggles. For this party, he had all his preschool and soccer buddies join him. Then next month, he wants to have a pizza party with all "his girls" aka his family friends. I just love his heart. 

photo courtesy of: @confectioneiress on instagram

So proud of this birthday boy!

Pretty proud of this silly chick too. 

Singing "happy birthday" to our Briggy.

Loved celebrating with all these sillies. 

Happy Birthday, Mr. Briggs! 
We are so proud of the boy you are. We love you with all our hearts. 

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