The story of when I told Ryan about our Big Fat Positive is one to remember. The morning of Thursday May 19, I got up super early before I had to get ready for school. I knew that this day could possibly be the day that if I were pregnant, the hormones would be abundant enough for a pregnancy test to detect it. So I wake up and leave all the lights on in the bedroom and leave the bathroom light on and the door open. I did this partly so that Ryan would wake up. I wasn't telling him I was taking the test that morning, but I thought it would be nice if he were awake.

So while I was in the bathroom, Ryan groggily yells "turn off the light!" I was so excited about the possibility of getting a "positive" result that I told him cheerfully "don't worry about it, I'm coming back to bed in a few minutes."  I'm waiting for the results to show, and I hear him again "TURN OFF THE LIGHTS or CLOSE THE DOOR. DO SOMETHING!" Again, I just blew him off in a cheerful tone because I had just noticed that light second line. WOOHOO! Now I need to tell Ryan. So I skip (probably literally) back into the bedroom and shake him to wake him up. He said again "Please babe, turn off the light." And I replied, "No Ry...you HAVE to wake up! It's POSITIVE!" And Ryan replied with "I'm POSITIVE you need to turn off that light!"

I then was laughing so hard, that he woke up a little more and realized what I had actually meant. He was sleepily ecstatic...which is asking a lot from Ryan at 5:00am in the morning. At that moment, we knew everything would change. A wonderful change.

Later that day I took another test. Then on Friday I took another...just to make sure. With each test, the second line got darker and darker. By the third test shown here, I was finally convinced. Yes, definitely pregnant.

These belly pictures are from Friday May 20. I was 4 weeks and 3 days at this point.

It would be a while until I took belly pictures again. I was going through the transition from teaching to real estate. It was definitely a transition for both Ryan and I. Both hopeful, time consuming and emotional. Things are starting to smooth out more now. So we again started taking belly pictures when we hit 18 weeks which we will be posting soon!

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