Thumbs Up, Dude

Weeks 8-12 is when morning sickness showed its ugly face to me. However, it was more like evening sickness for me. I felt like myself throughout the day and then like clockwork at 4pm nausea would take over. I am so lucky to have such an understanding and nurturing husband. He would wake up in the middle of the night when I could barely take it and bring me a glass of ginger ale with a straw...just the way I like it.

I had heard that morning sickness tapers off as the second trimester approaches. So I was counting down the days until our 12 week appointment. Our appointment was on July 13. I knew this appointment was not as exciting because there wasn't going to be an ultrasound. So I told Ryan he didn't need to take off work to go. He insisted though.

The beginning of the appointment was the normal "routine". The routine checklist went smoothly. The last thing my doctor wanted to do before we left was to hear the baby's heart beat on the doppler. By the time you are at 12 weeks, the baby should be big enough where you can detect its heart beat with it. However, when she put the doppler on my my lower abdomen, all she could hear was my own heart beat. She tried for a solid three minutes to find the heart beat. As she kept looking, my heart rate increased. Both Ryan and I were starting to panic. I think I even saw a glimpse of worry in my doctor's face as well. She told me not to worry, if we couldn't find the heart beat with the doppler she was going to do a quick ultra sound.

So that is what it came to. We  rushed into the ultra sound room and began looking immediately. We could see the baby right away. I took note at how much it had grown in only four weeks. I counted all four limbs. Then to my relief, the baby started moving its arms and legs all around which gave us more comfort than words can describe. The doctor also took a sigh of relief. She was smiling ear to ear because then we were able to see and hear our baby's beautiful heart beat once again.

She took two quick snaps shots of our beautiful babe. In the second one shown, she caught the baby giving us a "thumbs up."  This made us laugh because it was like our Little One was saying "Everything's okay, Mom and Dad!"

The moment our child comes into this world, we will be teaching and showing him or her about faith in God. However, this time, at only 12 weeks in my womb, our baby gave US a little lesson on faith.

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