"Mama's" Creeper

At 8 months, our little babe is talking up a storm. We may not be able to understand this secret language of his, but he seems to think that he has some very important information to share. We hear a lot of "mamama" (I'm calling it now- his official first word is "mama") and we hear screams of joy, and a lot of other happy (and mad) shrills. He has the gift of gab.

He has also become quite the social bug. He has been busy on play dates with his friends both young and old. He always puts on a show and is very chill and pleasant when others are around. But when its just mom and dad, the pouting begins. 

My poor child is just like his mama when it comes to his separation anxiety. This has been our biggest issue this month. He is awesome during the day. Then at night he has to be rocked to sleep. Then around 12:30-6:00am we have about 3-4 wake up calls. Despite, Ryan and I both being walking zombies, we are just trying to figure out the best way to get him to self-soothe. We will be seeing his pediatrician shortly, so this will definitely be one of the topics to cover.

We do not have a crawler yet. It's okay that he isn't creeping around yet though...because he can stay in one place and be perfectly content just playing with his toys. He starting to eat different foods (he loves sweet potato puffs). He is also sitting up so well that he had to be moved to the "Creepers" room at the church nursery. 

Despite his nightly awakenings, he is at a really fun age right now. His personality is shining though and he loves going on adventures with mom and dad! This upcoming month has a lot in store...a florida trip, halloween and new teeth!

he loves his new hat!

daddy and me
too big for the pumpkin seat...he's in the big boy convertible

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