My Best Friend's Wedding!

Today is Sunday, so it is officially wedding week! My pretty blonde ballerina is tying the knot on Saturday.

Austin, I promise not to try and steal your bride away like in Julia Robert's film. I won't have to. (because I know a part of her heart will always belong to me-hehe) But seriously, while I am at work meeting up at appointments or doing laundry or playing with baby, I am going to be praying for the upcoming nuptials of my beautiful friend. She is one of the most beautiful women I know but her external beauty does not hold a candle to her heart.

Austin and future Piller babies-you are very lucky to have this beautiful soul as the lady of your family. She is lovely, she is incredibly smart and witty. She is spiritual and a Jesus soldier. She is a teacher and a listener. She is a cheerleader and a confidant. She is a Disney movie watcher and a bunk bed cuddler. She loves culture and embraces and loves those who need loving. Ever since the first time the little mexican tomboy walked into her dorm floor and laid eyes on the tall blonde ballerina there has been love. It will never fade and will continue to grow stronger as we raise our families on this path God has blessed us to walk hand in hand on.

I feel so honored to be standing next to you on your wedding day. I wish nothing but happiness for my best friend and my new brother.

with all my love,


the cake at the shower for the future mr. & mrs. piller

the stunning strausbaugh sisters

all the girls at the shower in july
Todd & Copper forever and always.

happy wedding week sadie alyse strausbaugh.


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