Look like a Robinson, Act like a Vargas

My son does not act like he is only 7 months old. The kid knows how to work it. I am amazed by his ability already to read others' emotions and either mimic or correctly respond. And he always achieves this in dramatic fashion. I gathered a few pictures taken from the other day to prove my point.

He may look just like his father, but he acts just like his mom. He never wants to be alone. He always has to be touching someone. He loves to party...the more people the better. Any time he hears music, he starts bouncing to the beat. (He has way better rhythm than Ryan or have ever had.)

Knowing what I put my parents through growing up and even to this day...I have realized that their wild child is getting a little payback. At least I know things won't ever get boring around here!

Despite being a nut, he's actually quite fun. And I've decided, this kid is pretty cool.

the dramatics of briggs

hi im cute. and im mischievous. and i love dad. 

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