Our September 2015

September was a roller coaster month, but we're coming out smiling and healthy again. We celebrated birthdays, traveled and played lots of soccer. 

Here are some things the kids are up to this month:
  • If I had to pick one word to describe this month it would be POPCORN. The kids are obsessed. 
  • Kerigan is a singing fool. She makes up her own songs and serenades us with her sweet little voice wherever we go. She sometimes adds motions and dance which is a bonus to us. 
  • She finally said "I LOVE YOU" <3 <3 <3
  • Briggs has fought hard this month to get back to his happy and goofy self. Mission accomplished!
  • He's still our sweet boy. Lately he will say out of nowhere: "You know what mommy?" And I'll say "what buddy?" "I love you"....heart melted. 
  • Madagascar is still going strong as far as his favorite movie. But he always calls it "The Hippo Movie". The other day I asked him why he doesn't just call it Madagascar. He said "Because I'm still working on saying my "S's" mommy." 
  • Kerigan loves searching for things. She'll say, "Minnie....Are you?! Minnie....Are you!?" 
These kids are too fun! Enjoy the video :)

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