Fellowship Friday: This is the Day

Photo courtesy of @soulscripts

This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

What a great reminder when lately, I've been mentally wiped. With the kids in preschool, its really stretching me to be crazy proactive. The meal planning, packing for school & lunches, scheduling work appointments that coincide with soccer practice, getting the kids & myself up, dressed, fed, ready and out there door on time every day then home again and prepped for dinner + baths...is tiresome, to say the least. It's like a never-ending marathon.  

I'm grateful in all these moments but sometimes a lot of times, its mentally exhausting to have to always think two steps ahead. (And I know I'm not alone, fellow mamas) By the time I tuck the last kid into bed, I have nothing left. I'm drained. And then yesterday, the thought of Labor Day weekend gave me a semi-panic attack.  

It's good to be proactive but I need to be reminded to not let it take over. To not let it claim me.  I love Psalm 118:24. It brings me back to the present and allows me to release the suffocating grip of my "still to-do's." I need to stop worrying about tomorrow. Today is a gift. Be glad in it!

This holiday weekend, I'm going to give my planning a break. I'm going to live out Psalm 118:24. I hope the same for you, friends! Happy Labor Day!

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