Friday Favorites: Sharing Life Edition

Hello Friday! I'm linking up again with Caroline to share some Friday Faves. We're still just treading water over here in the Robinson household. Our home is getting a major facelift but we're trying to embrace the chaos. ;-)

I'm loving FF though...I'm enjoying the scheduled "pause" to reflect on the week. Here's what I've got for you today: 

See these four standing by my side? These are the faces of true friends. These girls are the women of our couples life group. We've been together now for three-ish years (I think?) We started up our fall study, Uncommon Marriage, this week. And I'm so happy I get to see them on a reg. basis again. 

We've been there for each other during the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We've welcomed babies together and said goodbye to parents together. They give me strength during my times of weakness. They show me unconditional love. I hope each one of them knows how deep and sincere my love is for them. Thankful to share life with these ladies.

This fave isn't quite as deep...but Caroline (you know, my Caroline- Caffeinated Chaos, Caroline) surprised me with this Kate Spade travel mug for my bday. Annnnd I'm in love. At work, I'm currently moving from a cubicle to a true office (I'm a real boy now, Geppetto) My inspiration for decor is from (of course) Paper Source's Kate Spade line. So this is perf.

In my old life, I was a Social Studies teacher.  And although I don't stay on top of politics as much as I used to, I just cannot get enough of these debates. I can't say I'm a member of either party, but these goodness. It's almost as good as the drama from Bachelor in Paradise ("I'm losin' it!!") And if you want to know, I'm pulling for Governor John Kasich. He's second from the right. Only because I've met him. (We call this the Diane Strategy in our Fantasy Football league) Actually, I've partied with him. At my cousin's wedding. He and Ryan lit it up on the dance floor. 

Finally, one of my fave things are my Fridays off with these two. This past friday it was rainy, so we spent the gloomy day at my Disney World, Nordy's. I am working today, but we'll make up for it this evening. I'm thinking I need to get B&K another set of balloons from the kids' shoe department ;-)

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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