Friday Favorites: Remembering "The Good" Edition

Friday, we have never been so glad to see you! It's been a tough week for the Robinsons. 

Without going into too much detail, we had to take Briggs to the ER Sunday night for a very bad case of hives. By the time we were admitted into the hospital, his whole face was swelling. Our fear was that it would effect his breathing. After some treatment and not enough improvement, they decided to keep him in the pediatric unit over night. We were there until about 4pm on Monday. We are still praying for answers on why it happened but I'm thankful he's starting to feel more like himself. 

The whole experience was a little scary and not one I really want to remember.  But there are some things I do want to remember. The support we received was astonishing. Weaved in between the hospital stay, follow-ups, "roid rage" and frustration, were prayers, phone calls, emails, texts, meals, games and more. And not because of us. But because of Briggs. So many of these individuals already have a personal relationship with Briggy. Or maybe they know a glimpse of what we know- that he's the most empathetic, selfless, joyful child you'll ever meet. It's been nothing short of miraculous to see how many people love this 3-year-old boy. And that's what I want to remember. This week, I choose to remember the good. 

Our weekend started off well. We were prepping for their cousin's birthday party. When it comes to presents, one of their favorite things to do is decorate the wrapping paper for their friends. Then we finish it off with a pretty bow. We always buy our brown paper at Target. 

Ker is obsessed with purple. Notice her special flare in the upper left corner. 

All the kiddos celebrating our sweet Kinsie. 

Sunday night during our hospital stay, I was feeling pretty down and overwhelmed. Then my parents sent me this. Nothing's better than getting to wear your big bro's jammies!

The photos from early Sunday evening are too heartbreaking. So I'm choosing not to share those. But here is a "before" from the wee hours of the night on Sunday (possibly Monday morning) and then the "after "on Wednesday. I've never been so thankful to see the sillies come out of this boy. By midweek, he was back to singing songs, building forts and playing with animals. 

Thank you for all your love and support! And especially thank you for your prayers as we continue to seek answers. 

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. So scary! I'm glad he's doing better! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Kendra! He is doing much better :)