Freedom Fest 2015 edition

We had a very busy but very fun 4th weekend. We are so thankful for the beautiful weather all weekend. It allowed for great outdoor time with family and friends in town. The festivities began for us Thursday night in Carmel. We met up with best friends for a free summer concert. There was a lot of dancing. Not all with rhythm, but joyful dancing, nonetheless. 

Saturday morning, we woke up early and met our family at our town's parade. It's the best town parade. It's perfect for the kids. So many animals, costumes, floats and candy. Kerigan started out strong with helping rake in the candy. She quickly figured out that Briggs and Kinsie were doing the same thing. So she decided to sit back and let them do all the work :)

After the parade, we went to visit Ryan's college best friend, Cory and his family. Cory lives in Minnesota now so we only get to see him, his wife and two precious boys about twice a year. Every year, Cory's parents host a frisbee golf tourney on the 4th. The kids loved it. Briggs was so concerned that everyone had a frisbee that was their favorite color.

After the frisbee visit, we headed to the lake house that we often visit with Kara's in-laws. We rode the "Bev-o boat" a lot. We played with poppers & sparklers, played corn hole, fished, played with our best friends, Kinsie, Kennedy & Emery. One of our favorite things was to watch fireworks from the boat. Except for Briggs. He's never been a fan of fireworks. He stayed back at the dock and enjoyed them much better from there. It didn't hurt that he got to have Yaya and Papa to himself there either. 

Loved this weekend and love this age with the kids. Experiencing holidays with them makes it that much sweeter. We again took so many pictures and many of the memories made are at the bottom of this post in the video. We love America and are happy to pass on our traditions and patriotism to our babes. 

The three best friends at the parade. 

Our crazy girl on the "Bev-o Boat"

Sweet kissies for sissy

It's a party int he USA

One of our happy places is here, at the lake. And these are our people. So thankful for our freedom and the families who sacrifice to keep it. We hope you and your family had a fantastic holiday weekend. God Bless America!

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