Half birthday cupcakes

Did you all realize that we only have 18 birthdays to celebrate with our kids before they become an adult? My goal as a mom is to multiply those little celebrations...by two. I remember growing up, my mom always made a point to celebrate our half birthdays. It was nothing crazy. She would make us half of a cake or sometimes just a twinkie. She would stick a candle in it and the whole family would sing. One of my favorite memories about my childhood were those little celebrations. 

I am trying to carry on that tradition with our kids. For dinner, Briggs wanted pizza. Surprised? And after pizza, we celebrated with (yellow) cupcakes. He was ECSTATIC that it was his half birthday "party." He was jumping around, dancing and singing to himself. Pops, thankfully, was able to celebrate with us too. He usually eats dinner at our house once or twice a week- so glad he could come. Although, I'm not sure he could handle the dancing, wrestling and roaring that went on between the kids after all the sugar. ;-)

So proud of his cupcakes. He helped with the candles. 

Don't mind her...just taking a stroll

The Robinson boys

He got a minion water bottle, popcorn (his favorite) and a slinky. He and sis played with the slinky for the rest of the night. They were pretending it was a boat/train and he was the pilot. They went to Florida.

Treasuring this face.

Cake in the face. The best way to celebrate a half birthday. 

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