three and a half years

Three and a half years ago, God healed a broken heart. For years, I had been running and searching for joy in the wrong places. I filled my cup with things that were only temporary. Then all of a sudden, there was a baby boy. God's gift. My love language...motherhood.

This morning, my devotion started with a verse from 2 Corinthians:
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

The day Briggs was born was the day I began to comprehend more of God's love. Wow. It brings me to tears just thinking about it. My love for my son. His love for His son. His love for me.  I am weak, I am broken, but I am His. The redirection was painful, don't get me wrong. But on January 20th, the sun broke out. And I began to understand that redirection. Not a day goes by, where I don't thank God for the scars, the growing pains and the road to healing.  I once heard someone say, "Every fall, every struggle, every broken ounce is used by God to shape you into His beautiful warrior"

God used a 7 pound 15 ounce baby boy to open my eyes and make me realize I was His humbled warrior. What an amazing thing.

Briggs Beto Robinson, 
You are well aware that I love you. Someday you may even begin to comprehend the depth of that love. But for now, I want to tell you, you are wise beyond your years. You have a gentle spirit, who already picks up on others' emotions. You are sweet and kind. You may not have picked up a love for sports yet, but you love to run, jump and play. You are actually quite brilliant. Your complex thinking and love for learning amazes me on a daily basis. You love your family and are always so concerned about them. You pray for all your loved ones on a daily basis. And the list gets longer every day. We have high expectations for you. When you need some redirection, it may hurt your feelings initially, but you quickly take it to heart and learn from it. You rarely make the same mistake twice. I am so proud of you. You are confident in your world and don't sway from it. For example, since the day you could speak, your favorite color has been yellow and your favorite animal has been a rhino. It's never changed despite daddy trying to sway you just to see if he could. 

You love country music and all things animals...and Mickey! You love it when your sister hugs you or tells you she loves you...and you let her know how much it means to you. You are always surrounded by girls (sister, cousin, friends) but you are so thoughtful and sweet to them . For example, you always call Kerigan and Kinsie "my girls" or "my two babies." Even when outnumbered though, you still stand up for yourself in a kind way. God gave you an adventurous heart. So when its time for you and the boys to hang out (such as daddy or your grandpas) you always come back to me sweaty, scraped up and deliriously happy. You are shy around new faces but once they earn your trust, you're their buddy for life (and they get added to the prayer list). I pray that your love for people always remains and that your love for Jesus grows stronger every day. Thank you sweet boy, for making these last three and a half years the best years of your mommy and daddy's life.
With more love than you could ever know,

Happy half birthday, my sunshine!

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