Farms, Food & Ferris wheels

It's fair season! I love fairs. County, State, name the fair & I'm there. When I was growing up, I used to pretend I too, was a farm girl when I would help my cousins (who actually are farm girls) prepare their 4-H pigs at the fair itself. I helped name them, feed them, brush them, etc. I loved everything about it-until I found out what happens to the 4-H piggies after their fair duties. But I also can't say that I stopped eating bacon after that, either. ;-) 

But now with kids, I love the  fair that much more. Briggs loves animals. I mean, he really loves them. He will choose animals over cars and trucks any day. So this is like his super bowl. On top of that, he was able to ride a ferris wheel for the first time. We waited in line for that stinkin' ferris wheel longer than we did in any line at Disney World...but we ended up leaving the good ole Hendricks Co. fair with the happiest (and sleepiest) boy in the world. 

This girl was a trooper for the whole six hours we were there. 

If anyone thinks taking a pic of three kids 3 and under is're lying to yourself.

Ready to go "up and up"!

Love the middle left double selfie on the carousel. :)

We're at the top! Two of the happiest boys I know.

And if you're looking for some extra entertainment today, watch the Briggy vs. Kerigan first ferris wheel ride.(The videos are loud, so may want to turn down you're volume for these)

The girl cracks me up. Juice anyone? 

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