Our July

July treated us well. It started off with beautiful 4th weather that allowed us to enjoy parades, barbecues, swimming and boating. Then we saw a lot of rain. But it didn't ruin our parade. We built lots of tents, visited every library in the county, did some puddle stompin' and watched movies. Mostly Madagascar. Briggs has been on a Madagascar kick all month. We have watched all three movies on rotation. This is why we've included "Firework" and "I like to Move it" songs in our video this month-the kid is obsessed :)

Some of the funny and sweet things the kids are doing these days:

  • Briggs refers to Kerigan as "Baby" in the sweetest voice. "C'mon, baby" "Don't run, baby" "Dance, baby" Its seriously the cutest.
  • Kerigan's maternal instincts are kicking in. She really loves baby dolls. She gives them bottles, takes them on walks, rocks them, etc. Even if she can't find a baby doll, she turns something into her baby, such as Minnie Mouse or even a bottle of sunscreen.
  • Kerigan's really getting attached to Lola (our dog). She calls her "Whoa-wa" then hugs, pats and kisses her. Poor Lola is learning the skill of tolerance.
  • Kerigan gives the best hugs! We call them her flying squirrel hugs. She starts from way back and revs up as she's running to you. I think there's some video evidence in our July video.
  • Briggs is still obsessed with diving rings. He decorates them on trees, plays hide and seek with them, passes them out to friends and sleeps with them. Such a random toy to attach himself to.
  • Kerigan loves to sing. I'm not quite sure what she's singing half the time, but its beautiful. She carries her little plastic microphone around all the time.
  • Kerigan is on a cleaning kick. She finds baby wipes and helps me clean the whole house. She loves brooms and swiffer sweepers too. I think I remember Briggs going through a phase like that-I wish it stuck :) Here's hoping with Kerbear
  • Kerigan's facial expressions are becoming even more dramatic. She over exaggerates when she blows on her food and her sassy face now is priceless! I can't help but laugh when she should be getting in trouble.
  • We had our back patio redone towards the end of the month. Briggs is fascinated. He loves to see how things work! Engineer in the making.
We're not ready to see summer go yet! Thankfully the kids have another two weeks before they start preschool. We have been grateful for family and our late summer nights this July. Here's our video this month. Its a combination of photos and short clips with Briggy's favorite music this month. Enjoy and soak up the rest of the summer sunshine! 

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