Hello October!

Yay! October is upon us :-) I love this month. So many family fun opportunities at our doorstep. As I write my monthly goals post this morning, I'm giving myself a little grace in not accomplishing all from September. It was still a good September...it just looked a little different than what we had planned. 
Here's how it panned out:

1. Stay sane. Meh. Ryan might beg to differ ;-) We've only had the alarm company call the police once this month-ha. And our kitchen currently looks like: 
and I'm all like:
But the cabinet drawers and doors will be back soon...and we can start living at home again. (Also, It's killing me that I don't have my September video done yet- I need my home computer to finish) Good news is, basement is complete! Transformation pics to come soon :)

2. Play outside. Yes! Every chance we could get. It really was a beautiful month.

3. Meal Plan & Shop. Nope. I actually got worse. I think I went to the grocery store once- for necessities. Grace, I have to keep repeating to myself. Grace.

4. Time with Ryan. Ryan and I were supposed to go to Mexico with another couple last week. Then everything happened with Briggs. So we postponed the trip.  Again, not our plan. But we were still committed to setting some "us" time aside. 

5. Celebrate thirty. Our Nashville trip was perfect. Then Ryan set up a birthday dinner on Mass Ave with friends. I didn't make it out late. But I'm not 21 anymore either. My role model is Joanna Gaines, not Beyonce. (I'm kind of loving thirty.)

1. House Prep: Our kitchen will be complete soon. And I want get everything back in order with little updates here and there. Then with the basement complete, I want to finally decorate it. We are hosting Kerigan's birthday party in November- and I want to get house stuff done now, so all I have to worry about is party planning in November :)

2. Clean out the Mom-Mobile: This is probably my biggest source of unnecessary anxiety. I remember my dad told me once, keep your car clean because it reflects how your house looks. Well I must be  an oddball because my van is a disaster and my house is usually picked up every night. I need a better system to keep it clean with these crazy tots.

3. Create & Check off a Fall Bucket List: I love all the family events going on around Indy right now. Pumpkin patches, apple festivals, Oktoberfests... so I want to "carve" out some time to enjoy these festivities with the kiddos and Ry. 

4. Morning workouts: Nights are inconsistent. Several moms told me that it has to be mornings. So let's do it. My goal this month: 2 x a week. Baby steps.

5. Host a kids Halloween Party: I love all these sweet babies in their Halloween costumes. Let's create a reason for them to dress up one more time this month. 

At least, that's the goal  ;-) Happy October, friends!

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  1. I love your goals! I may have to implement monthly goals in the new year. I am right there with you about the messy car. I need to do some serious clean out this weekend, it gives me anxiety too. I love your goal about working out in the morning --- baby steps is the way to go! I started back in January and now am running 2-3 times a week before work. I wouldn't have it any other way now. Good luck!!