Fellowship Friday: How we do Halloween

It's my favorite day of the week and the first Friday of the month- so it's Fellowship Friday! 

Now that it's October, we're seeing a lot of Halloween out there...from our grocery stores, the neighbor's yard, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to restaurants. But then B + K's school have made a blanket policy of no Halloween. (They'll talk pumpkins, changing leaves and harvest. But no jack-o-lanterns or trick-or-treating.) And while I understand and respect the school's policy (there's just too much gray area)...can't this be a little confusing for kids?

How do you celebrate Halloween in a loving way? 
This is how we do it in our family:
  • Focus on the good: There's a lot of sweetness during this time of year. And not just the candy. I mean, is there anything better than a daddy and his baby lion hand in hand trick-or-treating? We also like to partake in all the family traditions that goes along with trick-or-treating. Picking out pumpkins, carving them, baking the pumpkin seeds and setting our masterpieces out for display. There's so much good that can come from Halloween. Family time is always good.
  • God conquers all: The premise of Halloween may have started as the day to celebrate the spirits and demons. But guess who conquered all evil? Our God. I love 1 John 1:5. While we may celebrate the sweetness of Halloween, we can't control how others celebrate it. And if our children see the demonic side of Halloween, we can talk about how we don't have to be afraid. Because the biggest, strongest, Super Hero is on our side. And He always wins.
  • Show love to others: One way everyone shows love, is by passing out free treats. That's loving thy neighbor. But can we challenge ourselves this year, to step up our loving game? Maybe make a batch of brownies for a friend or rake up leaves for the elderly. Or host a craft and movie night with the neighborhood kids. The possibilities are endless.
So as we raise our little Robinsons, we choose to celebrate the good, family fun that comes with the holiday. What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions?

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