Friday Favorites: FNL Edition

FriYay! So glad you're here :)
Let's see what made the favorites list this week. 

Friday Night Lights. I'm addicted. And I'm not one to get addicted to shows-except for Scandal (Kerry Washington: heart heart heart). But that's been since Day 1. I never binge watch on Netflix. But a few weeks  ago, I was really sick. Like, can't get out of bed sick- all.weekend.long.  No new shows were recorded, so I gave it a whirl with FNL. We're hooked.  And now, in addition to Kerry Washington, I'm in love with Tami Taylor.

It's October- so that means party planning has commenced! Halloween, Kerigan's bday, Tgiving, Christmas, Briggy & Ryan's bdays are all on the horizon. And while I love our local Hobbs Lobbs, I turn to Sweet Lulu for the unique finds. If you do it right, you'll come out on top budget-wise too!

We love all things fall. Briggs has really gotten into the tree colors this year. He is so happy God made yellow trees :) Their babysitter/and our sweet friend, takes them on "Leaf Hunts." So in between appointments yesterday, we went on a leaf hunt of our own. We were on the lookout for red, orange, yellow and brown leaves. Briggs came home with a ziploc full. Kerigan just wanted to stomp them. We had so much fun! And as they get older, our leaf hunts can get more advanced.
#onceateacheralwaysateacher #sorrykids

Have a great weekend everyone! And now check out Caffeinated Chaos for more fun faves :-)


  1. Happy Friday to the Robinson Family! Love their sweet little hunter boots!

    1. Thanks Ally :-) We do love our wellies! Now if only I had my own pair. I've come to terms with the fact that my kids dress way cuter than me though. Happy Friday!