Happy Birthday, Kara Leigh

We have lots of birthday celebrating this week between family and friends. But today, today is Kara's day.

Twenty-seven years ago today, I walked into Methodist hospital with my grandparents and cousins to meet my baby. Everyone else thought she would be a boy. But I knew. God made me a sister. And there she was. A beautiful dark haired, dark skin, 8 lb 6 oz beauty. (And the only time in her life she was above average in height and weight)

From day one, my natural instinct was to protect her. And whether it's invited or not, I'm still protecting her (poor girl). Despite being raised the same way and in the same home, God created us beautifully different. Her strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths are her weaknesses. No one has every challenged me, supported me, frustrated me, encouraged me, forgiven me, softened me or impressed me more than this beautiful soul. Her convictions are one of her spiritual gifts and humility makes her the most beautiful creature ive ever known. 

What a gift our God brought us on November 16, 1988. Because of you, Kara Leigh, I'm a better friend, woman and Christian. Thank you for loving my babies as your own and for loving me despite my flaws. You are my best friend and you deserve all the wishes in the world today.

Love, Tita

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