Kerigan Kay is Two Today

Kerigan Kay is two today! We have a whole day of fun planned for this little girl. On Sunday, we celebrated with friends at her Dance & Twirl tutu party and today we're soaking in the day of family and fun. Since the day she was born, she has been our precious little jewel. 

Hi Sweet Girl!

This year has been so much fun watching you develop into such a sweet little spirit with a huge personality! Our love for you is insurmountable. We consider you one of our greatest treasures. It's an honor to be your mommy and daddy. The love your big brother has for his baby girl (and you for him) is so special that strangers come up to me to comment on it. You are probably the most loyal little girl to ever grace this world. You are happy to meet and greet new friends and people but you're not willing to sacrifice time away from your brother, daddy (and especially) mommy. 

You have a love for music, singing and art. You have picked up the perfect balance of mommy's creative side and daddy's sense of humor. (You are well aware of sarcasm and have mastered it quite well.) You are our little Pippa who still wears 12 and 18 month old clothes but you don't let it get in your way. You have superhuman strength with the dramatics that will make everyone stop in their place. You can hold your own in anything. 

You are always ready for the next party and are never afraid to grab Briggs by the hands and dance in public. You are a free spirit who definitely marches to your own beat but somehow you convince others that your beat is the best beat. If I'd let you, you would wear a tutu and cowboy boots every day. You definitely know what you want. And at times, its difficult to redirect you. But you don't give up on things...or people for that matter. Your nurturing instinct is already shining through. You love your friends and family and are always concerned for them. 

You make an impact wherever you go. One look at your big, sparkling brown eyes and people fall in love. Your smile lights up the room and your giggle is everything good in this world. You are determined, sweet, SO smart, strong & mighty, encouraging, passionate, bubbly, friendly, sassy, fun, adventurous and beautiful. You are the loveliest gift from God (tied up in a little bow). We fall in love with you more and more every day. These two years have been filled with nothing but love and amazement for you. We love you, Kerigan Kay. 

With all my love,

Two-year-old Measurements:

Height: 33 inches (25%)
Weight: 23 lbs 3 oz (5%)


tutu photos by Loree Alayne Photography

Happy Two, Pippa!

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  1. She is SOO precious. You are right, those big brown eyes, they pull at the heart! Happy Birthday to Kerigan!