Hello November!

November! The beginning of the holiday season and the month my baby turns TWO! We had a fun-filled October in which I'll continue to post about in the coming weeks. November will be a month to give thanks and celebrate our family. My work naturally slows down this month so its a good time to enjoy the calm with the kids, Ryan and my quiet time with Jesus. We are looking forward to time with family and friends and appreciating what matters most in this pretty little life. 
As far as October goals, this is how it went down: 

1. House Prep: It's coming together. After two years, we are finally making it "our own." Ryan has been such a huge help lately in helping make our home look so beautiful. And most times, its the little things. Like washing dishes when I'm not aware. Sounds small, but his intentional acts of love warm my heart. 

2. Clean out the Mom-Mobile: It's by no means client-friendly. But its better. As long as its sweeped out and there aren't cheerios and applesauce pouches thrown everywhere-I'm content. 

3. Create & Check off a Fall Bucket List: With being gone for a whole week (including two weekends) we are very limited on time in October, naturally. But I think we managed to celebrate the fall in a big way. We went to two pumpkin patches, enjoyed hay rides, drank lots of cider, carved pumpkins, zooboo'd, hunted for pretty leaves and ate fall popcorn :)

4. Morning workouts: We're doing better on this! I'm starting off with walking. And now that it's getting colder, we plan on converting our basement bedroom into our mini gym. We inherited my dad's old treadmill so hopefully this continues into a full-blown habit in my morning routines. 

5. Host a kids Halloween Party: Yes! Precious pictures coming soon!

1. Better meal panning round two: I failed miserably the last time I made this goal. This month, I want to be better about pre-planning better meals. I love the idea of crock pot meals. It just takes more prep work (which isn't my strength in the kitchen) 

2. Host a family for dinner: A family that we love very much hosted us last night on a whim. It was so great to spend quality time with friends. They poured love over us and didn't seem stressed about hosting a dinner for nine with little notice. Such a great night!

3. Complete Christmas shopping list: Ever since Mr. Briggs came along, I became an online shopper. So by completing this task in November, I don't have to worry about delivery days in December. I love Christmas shopping for my family :)

4. Send encouraging cards: Someone that I love very much will be undergoing chemotherapy starting this month. I'm making it my goal to send her encouraging notes, texts and cards during her sessions. I wish she lived closer so I could love on her in person-so hopefully she will feel my love from afar. 

5. Celebrate our girl: Guys! My baby is one for only 15 more days. I'm going to soak up my little one-year-old (who is still very much baby to me) for a solid two weeks. Then we are going to throw the sweetest little party that will be the love language to her precious baby heart. 

Happy November, friends! 
In all things, let us give thanks. 

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