Halloween 2015

We had the sweetest Halloween with our favorite zebra & Little Red/baby lion. With Halloween falling on the weekend, there was so much time for fun.

On Saturday/Halloween morning, we went to Kerigan and Kinsie's soccer. The kids were allowed to come dressed in costume. We let sis choose whether she wanted to go as Little Red or baby lion. This round, she chose lion. Zebra came along for moral support. 

After K's nap, we had an early supper then got back in costume! Round two, Kerigan chose Little Red. It was a little chilly, but nothing like last year. Our neighborhood has so many little kids. Most parents want to take their kids from door to door. So almost every house leaves out a bowl of candy and relies on the honor system.  I love that Ryan and I can both take the kids around the hood.

 My favorite zebra with his pizza slice.

Here are more pics from our Saturday:

After an hour or so of trick-or-treating, it began to rain. So Kerigan was done. She and I went back to the house to pass out treats. Then Briggs and Ryan soon followed but not before "trick-or-treating" at our own house. Then Briggs decided this was the greatest thing. So he and Kerigan came back to "trick-or-treat" again and again and again...at their own house.  We caught one instance on video.

Then Briggs decided he wanted to pass out the candy. As we were watching Mickey's Monster Musical, he would wait to hear the door bell. Then once it rang, he would run to the front door, grab the bowl of candy and tell the trick-or-treaters, "you can have any two you like." He got so good at his job, that he began telling them "you can have any two you like" before we even had a chance to open the door. :-)

Sunday we went to church then came home to prep for our kids costume party! It was pretty low-key but full of good food and great company. I made my favorite party treats but with a Halloween twist. We had a mis-hap with the grill for our cookout, but thankfully no one got hurt. And we can now laugh about Daddy, the pizza slice, running across the yard with a fire extinguisher.

Costumes, treats, cookouts and bonfires...makes for a perfect fall night!

And that was our Halloween weekend! Below are links to our Halloweens from past years. 
Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. I will always remember Briggs in his little frog costume for his first Halloween!