Memphis Christmas 2015

We are back from our Memphis trip! Uncle Scott and Aunt Mel live there and Uncle Lance's basketball team had a tournament down there the week before Christmas. This trip was extra special for all of us because it fell on Diane's (Nana) birthday. So to spend time together was important to all of us. And so, we soaked up the Home of the Blues all weekend long. :)

Every time we visit, we have to see the march of the ducks at the Peabody. This was Kerigan's first time! 

Then we visited the Pink Palace 

She has to do everything big brother does

Santa was at the Pink Palace. Daddy loved that Santa passed out toothbrushes

They had a winter wonderland scavenger exhibit and Briggs was so honored to be one of the sponsors ;-)

Then on Saturday we went to Uncle Scotty's camp at the Forum

You have to love basketball if you're a Robinson

Cheering on Uncle Lancey's team at Rhodes College

We promised the kids that if they were good we would go to Christmas at the Zoo. 

Briggy catching snowflakes


Posing with the real reindeer

Briggy took his first camel ride

Free carousel rides all night!

Love the farm area

Night time family selfie #brightlights

We love Christmas at the Zoo!

Before we took off, we had a great family brunch in the city. Poor Uncle Lancey wasn't feeling great so he couldn't come. 

At brunch, Kerigan was introduced to a new chocolate dessert. And this video is everything. #justlikenana

We made some great memories! Such a great way to kick off Christmas week!

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