Our Christmas 2015

We hope you had the Merriest Christmas. Ours was very special. For the first time ever, the Robinson and Vargas clan spent the entire Christmas day together. Both of Ryan's brothers and our sister-in-law made their ways from across the country to snuggle in and have a great family day.  My sister and her family stayed for the majority of the day as well. Nothing better!

We have a lot of traditions leading up to birth of our Savior. The most important is that we focus and worship our King. We love the sparkle and glitter of this beautiful holiday- but nothing outshines that sweet baby boy. I'm so thankful our kids know this and are loving the Christmas Truth and its significance. Briggs kept telling us that "Jesus is the best part about Christmas". You got that right, kid. 

Here is a recap of our Christmas:

The kiddos were helping mom with gift wrapping and  finishing touches Christmas Eve. They love to help. 

She's loving White Christmas. Its been my own tradition since I've lived with Ryan to watch it every Christmas Eve. And now I have someone who appreciates it too. A girl after my own heart. 

Walking with Papa at our Christmas Eve service. 

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus one more time before we left church. <3 <3 <3

Christmas Eve dinner at Yaya and Papa's in our Christmas jammies!

Early Christmas morning, I snuck downstairs to document Santa's work ;-)

We made Santa our favorite M&M cookies. I think he liked them. 

Then then kiddos woke up around 8am. And the real magic took place :) Some of my favorite home videos growing up are the ones my dad took of us Christmas morning. I love that B and K will get to watch the magic of their mornings through videos like this: 

Briggs loves looking through stockings first. 


Our little artist was so excited about their new easel. 

Then after exchanging gifts at our house, we headed over to Yaya and Papa's to celebrate with everyone. 

Kerigan loved her new baby doll crib...a lot.

Briggs and Uncle Lancey pumped over Mickey magnets

Christmas chaos 

My kids LOVE popcorn. So Aunt Mel and Uncle Scott's gift was genius. A Mickey Mouse popcorn machine. And for K, jammies are optional while enjoying the popcorn.

Making a Christmas parade at the end of the night. 

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. May the light of Jesus shine in our hearts all year through.
Merry Christmas! Love, The Robinsons

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